Game Jam

Video games are created in a participatory manner  that is building them between different people. A Game Jam is intended to create one or more video games in a short space of time. A Game Jam has limited time and can last between a few hours to different weeks without interruption.

To live for the first time the experience of a hackathon at Terres de l'Ebre, the VAGExperience together with the support and organization by ENTI (University of Barcelona), will bring you the experience of being able to live one in a reduced time but very intense. Participants will be organized by teams with knowledge of different disciplines: programming, design, art, music, etc.

The objective will be to stimulate pressure, setting a restrictive delivery time that fosters creativity and experience with new ideas that arise from the same teams. Join the Game Jam to create, together with other people, powerful video game concepts! You don't have to have previous knowledge, but you really want to participate. Unlimited places.

The groups will be formed upon arrival at the same Municipal Auditorium of Amposta. Award to the winning team!

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INS Montsià

INS Montsià