FX for video games workshop

If you have ever wondered how the special sound effects of a video game are made, this is your workshop!

Jesús Pelendreu will teach you to digitally record some natural sounds through a microphone and then transform them and achieve a special effect.

In the transformation techniques and effects will be applied in: the timbre, the pitch, the spectrum, the duration, the articulation and the cadence.

After the transformation, these sounds will be mixed with other books.

At the end of the workshop, you will be amazed to hear how the initial sound was and what you have achieved until its final transformation; the sound effect.

The purpose of this "FX for games" workshop will be to obtain special sound effects such as: a spacecraft engine, a laser beam, the hyperspace jump or the explosion of a planet.

Jesús Pelendreu is a musical producer, finalist as best DJ under 21 years of the MTV Breaks Awards 2018. His musical themes are reproduced by prestigious radio stations in the country as: Flaix FM, Hit FM o Maxima FM. You can find out more about him here.

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Jesús Pelendreu

Jesús Pelendreu

music producer

INS Montsià

INS Montsià