3DCoat workshop

In this workshop we will learn to use the 3DCoat digital modeling tool. The renowned conceptual artist Paco Rocha will teach us how to capture a spacecraft in the form of a virtual volume rendered from an initial sketch made with paper and pencils.

Finally, we will see how with Oculus virtual reality glasses, visual artists can increase their productivity when performing and developing complex 3D environments through a live demonstration of the Medium application of Oculus.

Paco Rocha has worked creating the conceptual art of popular television series such as "Black Mirror" or "The Incredible World of Gumball" among others. You can check more information about him here.

Practical information for students

  • you need to come with your own laptop
  • have a dedicated 3D graphics card
  • install a demo version of the 3DCoat software

speaker or event language activity translation available
spanish no


Paco Rocha

Paco Rocha

concept artist

INS Montsià

INS Montsià