Social networks journalist

(Catalunya Ràdio)


Mariola Dinars is a social network journalist.

He began as a journalist and speaker on the radio and, since 2003 and until now, he is fully qualified in the use of the new tools in this hyperconnected world. He runs and presents the radio show ''Popap'' by Catalunya Ràdio.

Your nickname on the network is HolaMariola. With this nickname, he tries to apply all his journalistic knowledge to the digital environment that keeps him trapped for many years.

He is currently immersed in the use of Catalan in new environments and the visibility of female talent. Since 2003 he has directed Joan Arenyes with the first platform for personal relationships in Catalan:

Specialties: Internet on the radio, music in Catalan, entrepreneurship, copywriter, branded content, Social Media Managment, scriptwriter and social network management.

He has won the DonaTIC award and we will have the opportunity to listen to the round table on women in the digital entertainment industry.

Round table about women in the digital entertainment industry
Round table about women in the digital entertainment industry
10/05/2019 20:00

At the end of the screening of the documentary "Mujeres+Videojuegos" there will be a round table exclusively for women linked to the world of leisure and digital art in order to transmit their experiences to the audience.

Daniela Gil will be in charge of moderating the debate, which will be attended by the author of the documentary, where the audience will also be able to participate.

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