Lawyer (Buera Bel Advocats)


I have a bachelor’s degree in labor relations, a degree in advertising and public relations, a degree in law and also a master's degree in law.

Currently, I'm working as a lawyer, and despite the above mentioned diplomas, I have always hated to study, but I love learning new things every day.

Videogames have always been one of my favorite hobbies and I’ve been playing videogames ever since I was a child.

As for arcade game machines well I’ve been building them for a while now and I must say that it’s a pleasure to play with a machine that you have built yourself (DIY). Also having an arcade machine of my own has always been a dream of mine.

Another hobby of mine is to look up tutorials on YouTube, finding out how to build things and then doing it myself fascinates me. I’ve always loved arcade games and I think it is wrong to think that today’s technology has to make us forget the past, on the contrary, it must offer us a 360º experience and we must take advantage of it.

How to build an Arcade machine
How to build an Arcade machine
10/05/2019 10:00

In this workshop, the idea is to explain to assistants how to create an arcade machine from scratch. That is to say, to teach the steps to follow from the necessary materials for the structure, design and assembly, through the hardware, the software and how to configure everything easily.

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