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John Knows CEO's (John Knows)


In June 2014, after graduating, John moved to Giron (Spain) to study Degree Music and Sound in order to pursue his newly emerged dream to become music producer on the highest level.

In early December of 2016, the Spanish DJ and producer John Knows released his remix of Running Over The World“ by Abel Almena & Isaac Leon MC on CLIPPER'S SOUNDS, amassing lot of supports like LUKA CARO, ALBERT NEVE, ABEL ALMENA, etc.

Following that remix, on the November 2017, John Knows will debut his first hit "CITY LIMITS“ on the label DEEPHOUR MUSIC and having seen support from Don Diablo, Treasure Fingers and EXODUS , the track is expected to enter the scene with hit to the radio!

Released his oficial remix of Collide “ by Abel Ramos & Albert NEVE on Blanco y negro, amassing a lot of supports like DJ ABEL RAMOS, JULIO NAVAS, ALEX DEL AMO & ALBERT NEVE himself .

He is working hard for his spot in the music industry. Having confirmed heavy hitting releases with good artists and deejays releasing on Labels such as Clipper's Sounds, Blanco y Negro, SONY MUSIC, WARNER.

Actually it has its own music studio in his village Batea (Tarragona), he is combining the viticulture with music creation for its own project JOHN KNOWS.

And productions for other artists.

–Jesús Pelendreu worked and collaborate with Producers/Deejays like ALBERT NEVE, HEKTOR MASS, JOSE AM, ABEL RAMOS...

–Also he worked with important singers like INMAGINE , ESTELA MARTIN,YOUNG JOHNSON, DWIGHT STEVEN and LACHI.

–John Knows track's is playing on radio station such as MAXIMA FM, FLAIX,FM nd HIT FM.

 –Finalist best DJ to below 21 ye-rs old -t MTV BREAKS BILBAO 2018.

FX for video games workshop
FX for video games workshop
10/05/2019 10:00

If you ever wondered how the special sound effects are made for a video game, this is your workshop! We will teach you to digitally register some natural sounds with a microphone and then transform them and achieve a special effect.

The transformations will apply techniques and effects in: timbre, pitch, spectrum, duration, articulation and cadence. The purpose of this "FX for video game" workshop will be to achieve special sound effects such as: a spacecraft engine, the firing of a laser beam, a jump from a ship to hyperspace or the explosion of a planet.

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