CEO (Omnidrone)


Entrepreneur, with more than 15 years of experience in the management of videogame companies and game development.

My first adventure, with only 25 years, was to co-found Microjocs Mobile, where I became CEO. The company developed Java games and, although it was not profitable during the first year, the second year was already billing more than two million euros, making it one of the most important mobile gaming companies in Spain, producing games for Sony, EA, THQ...

Digital Chocolate was acquired in 2007. There I held the position of Vice President and General Manager, where I had the pleasure of sharing this experience with more than 60 professionals in the videogame industry. We won several awards and successful games such as MMA Profighter, Millionaire City and Galaxy Life were developed.

I have also been president, for 5 years, of DEVICAT.  A non-profit association founded by the main videogame companies: Digital Legends, Social Point, Novarama, UbiSoft and Digital Chocolate. My main mission was to connect the efforts of local governments to the real needs of the videogame industry.

After that, I co-founded Omnidrone in 2013, along with veterans and former employees of Digital Chocolate. Since 2018, Omnidrone is part of the Scopely family, one of the fastest growing gaming companies in recent years.

More to come :)

Entrepreneurship errors in video game startups
Entrepreneurship errors in video game startups
10/05/2019 18:30

Gerard Fernàndez, current CEO of Omnidrone, will explain his extensive history related to entrepreneurship in the world of video games.

He founded in Barcelona the first company in Spain, specializing in the development of video games for mobiles in 2001.

He will explain us all his extensive career, full of successes and errors, and some tips at the same time to create an startup.

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