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Alba G. Corral (b.777 - Madrid) based in Barcelona: visual artist, code developer and teacher. With a background in computer engineering, Corral has been creating art using software for the past decade. His practice extends through live, video, digital media and installation. Through different artistic practices he explores abstract narratives.

His name has been made known through his live audiovisual performances where he integrates the coding and the elaboration, in collaboration with musicians in real time.

In the framework of teaching teaches visual programming focused on designers and artists in different spaces in talks, workshops and workshops. Dedicated to the creative code with tools of Free Software (Processing).

She is curator at the Eufònic festival.

Round table about women in the digital entertainment industry
Round table about women in the digital entertainment industry
10/05/2019 20:00

At the end of the screening of the documentary "Mujeres+Videojuegos" there will be a round table exclusively for women linked to the world of leisure and digital art in order to transmit their experiences to the audience.

Daniela Gil will be in charge of moderating the debate, which will be attended by the author of the documentary, where the audience will also be able to participate.

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