The desire for improvement comes, to beings, written in our internal code in order to achieve survival. We are not in a video game, we only have one life and overcome the capabilities of the adversary who threatens us to have been even a stroke above love. The latter is the means to perish our species and the objective of the actions we carry out in this history have been to guarantee our lives. We will be able to do everything to bring together the necessary energy to become higher human beings if it is in our hands.

A slight change in our genetics led the human to seek the improvement through changes and tools that has been perfected for centuries. A collective effort to overcome human limitations such as hunger, war or illness. Now it is more common to die obese than hungry, nowadays we have more suicides than deaths by enemies and that technology has tripled life expectancy over previous centuries; man still seeks to increase his abilities in search of myth "citius, altius, fortius". Comics, video games and movies have been aware of this dream of our species for decades and art is a testament to it. Augmented reality and virtual reality bring us this essay today and the technology of the future will not be a new tool but will be part of the new evolutionary scale in which man will leave humanism in favor of a Transhumanist period where biotechnology, cyborg or genetic engineering will be the tip of an approaching iceberg.

Take the opportunity to visit this free exhibition curated by Jaume Vidal at the Centre d'Art Lo Pati.

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Centre d'Art Lo Pati

Centre d'Art Lo Pati

09/28/2019 - 10/13/2019